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Puteri And The Biz

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Role Model

Puteri And The Biz is a brand new beauty pageant plus business program that offers an exciting experience for women to showcase positive role models in today’s society.

Charity And Beauty

Puteri And The Biz competition focuses on more than just aesthetics. Each contestant must give back in some way. The competition also promotes charity.


Empowering young women while giving them the opportunity to grow and develop a positive self-image and realize the true beauty which lies within each of the contestant.

Real World

Competition highlights include real-world opportunities to learn what it takes to successfully launch a new business and maximize the commercialization of their products.

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  • Zubaidah
    36% 4 / 11
  • Halimaton
    45% 5 / 11
  • Zaiton
    0% 0 / 11
  • Halimah
    0% 0 / 11
  • Jamilah
    0% 0 / 11
  • Kamilah
    18% 2 / 11

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